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2002-05-15 - 8:39 a.m.

Been a while since I've updated....Work has been VERY busy (and still is. I'm just rebelling)

Kenny and Tonton's wedding was beautiful! Lovely place and great weather....And they actually managed to get him clothes in time....

This has been the week of getting whacked at practice.... TBone laid his sword just a few degrees off my spine, which is a really special bruise on my shoulder blade. Then I got smacked in the shield hand. Serves me right for picking up that thing....Fought a few more rounds, then decided to stop as the knuckles were swelling enough to hurt. Pain exists for a reason. Listen to your body when it is telling you that you are being dumb.... So that led to a short practice and I didn't get to play with Rags. Bummer.... Then last night was REALLY light with Kenny on his honeymoon and Bob and Laura at their place in VA. Basically Alan, Dee and Raven, who has only recently picked up fencing. Fought Alan first off. Did rather well. Of course, I also got hit with a roundhouse swing to the elbow as Alan was trying to draw my chest and I was moving to try to block. Talk about OWWWEY!!!! Not broken, but a lovely lump...

After practice, Alan and I got to huff Wen's new treadmill out of the truck and upstairs... Wee... Then back to computer land to finish integrating the current Target Archery marshals into the master marshal roster I'm cleaning up for Falcone. Now I just need to work up the reports and build a more user-friendly interface...Which will also probably lead to an overhaul of the marshallate site. Oh joy.... At least I get to go blow things up this weekend at Mousehole.


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