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2002-04-29 - 7:59 a.m.

Thought about going to Spring Revel/Hastilude, but sleep and relaxation won out. That and I just didn't want to sit in a car for a few hours on back roads this weekend. Enough sitting in traffic this past week. So, I slept in on Sat. Got some banging done on the Gorget and then went to help Alan move his fishies to the new place. I apparently missed the main amusement of Alan taking a header into the pond, but Shane is always eager to recount. hehe

Sunday got up early and puttered. Went to brunch w/ G&A and Bera. Then we went home and Wen took a nap....OK, a 3 hour nap. She needed it, bless her.... Then we went the movies and came home for a relaxing day....


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