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2002-04-22 - 11:29 a.m.

Nice weekend....

Tons of fighting at Night on Board. The Rampage was victorious in the team grand melee. Muwahaha.... Thomas fought his free scholar prize. Those ship decks were WAY too heavy to haul together.... Need to teach the rapier folks how to charge through an opening..... Missed being on-board because we were slackers, so I also missed singing with Lost Cause Oh well....

Sunday was a calm day. Went down to the Folgers with some folks for the Open House they had due to Bill's birthday (close enough with it being the 23rd). Was a little disappointed that almost all of the activities appeared to be focussed on the 6-10 year old age category. I guess I expected a little more out of the Folger's Library. The stage fighting guys were amusing at least. The costumes were so very stage costumes. Theo and Kyna were being catty that the "Queen" didn't have proper undergarments on, while I was being scandalized by being able to see her ankles! The rain certainly crowded things up. I was hoping to see the exhibit, but the pizza heat lamps and the ice cream hand truck in the great hall kind of killed the ability to see a lot....

The Armouring term for the day is:


This is a method to shape metal. You use an elevated, small hard surface, like a ball-stake. You place the piece being worked on the stake and strike around the outside of the ball. This effectively pushes the metal down and raises the area where the stake contacts the piece being worked. If trying to raise a bowl shape, the hammer blows are worked around the piece in concentric circles to form a deeper and deeper bowl. This can be very labor intensive, but provide great control over the thickness of the material. For the SCA, most folks just dish out pieces to shape and move on. In period, armourers would reinforce pieces in areas of criticality and thin out areas where strength wasn't needed. Iron and Steel were a lot more expensive and labor was relatively cheap, unlike today.

Next up: Repousse (doesn't that just sound cooler than chasing?)


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