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2002-04-17 - 8:04 a.m.

Well, Anne wanted to know what kind of oil for quenching. Some folks are particular about it. I tend to use either WD-40 or more high-tech equivalents, as I can spray it via aerosol just where I need it. Some of the more high-tech variants include some waxes that bond with the surface of the metal and protect it a little better. I'm not precisely sure what was used pre-17th Century, but vegetable oil was common in 17th/18th C America, so I'm assuming that holds for Europe as well. The New World shipped in Olive Oil in massive quantities....Williamsburg uses it extensively after some amount of research into the subject.

And the armoring term for today is:


This is when you take a reasonably light and flat-faced hammer and repeatedly strike the surface of a shaped piece to smooth out the surface. The shaped piece is supported underneath, usually by some form of ball stake. The idea is to drop the high points with the hammer blows and raise the low points by driving the shaped piece into the ball stake to push the metal up. This involves a huge number of gentle taps all over the surface to blend it. A sure-fired way to drive someone wishing peace and quiet insane....

Finished my two nights of practice. The heat cut my endurance significantly. I'm starting to move better in 2-sword. Still having some issues, but getting better. Also fought some sword and shield. Oh my.... Can we say 'over block'? Just emphasizes my need to get myself back up to speed on it.... Fencing practice had highs and lows. I do good one pass, then I'd go into 'Deer in headlights' mode and stick my head on Alan's dagger....And I wasn't moving well. Might be the heat....I'll just keep telling myself that.


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