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2002-04-08 - 8:09 a.m. least I survived the weekend. Next time I try to do that many things at an event, I want someone to slap me....Hopefully next event I attend I'll actually be able to sit down and talk with friends rather than doing two to three things at once, almost running from place to place....

Drive home was hellish with heavy traffic from Richmond all the way home. Drove up to DC just to escape traffic for a little while.... Got home, unloaded the car, fell asleep on sofa, woke up long enough to go to bed. Woke up this morning. I'm feeling much better now.... Of course, I didn't get to fix my leg armour, so I may be doing that instead of practice this evening....sigh....

Just need to finish up a brief that I need to present to my directors this afternoon and then I can FINALLY relax....Do I remember how?


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