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2002-03-28 - 7:56 a.m.

My morning meeting finished early, so it was back to the office, but now I hadn't packed a lunch so I managed to con Kyna, Rags, Mel and some of her coworkers to go out to lunch. woo hoo!

Went off in a telecon in the afternoon. It appears some of the fundamental requirements have shifted again without anyone telling rapture...oh bliss.... It also sounds like a major human factors study may be flawed to the point of where its results may be useless....grrr....

I was going to be so good. Go home and putter in the shop all evening. Except I got home wiped and vegged out for a while. Then the cute one gets in from work and suggests going out for dinner. I'm thinking pleasant evening with my mate. Sure.... Little did I realize it was a working dinner with me providing an Intro to Digital Design and Intro to Microprocessor Design class over Wen's sushi and my tempura and teriyaki....Trying to remember terms I haven't used in 10 years....wee....

Then she asks if I want to go to the bookstore. (Translation: She wants to go to the bookstore. We're going, right?) much for relaxation....

I'm with Laura on the whole religion angle. While I was raised Catholic, I never really got into the whole organized religion angle.... I just have issues with how many stupid things have been done in the name of God, Allah, or whichever name you choose. Well, back to work. Maybe more for another time....


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