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2002-03-27 - 6:46 a.m.

Tuesday was a day of foo and wah.... In a meeting in the morning, while IMing into another meeting.... Then the guy who hadn't been present in the meeting for weeks showed up and progress ground to a halt. Issues.... Unconstructive people should go up against the wall....

Then in the afternoon, I find out the folks I'm managing from another site thought they had 1 more staff year of billing than they do. Let's just say that led to a little excitement I didn't need in my afternoon. That and realizing I had a meeting Wed morning downtown and I hadn't prepared for it....Issues....

Then the foo with practice. At least I get to spend time with my snuggly....Except she hands me the computer and 'suggests' I finish up the taxes she has worked on. Sigh....At least we are getting a hefty refund. It will help pay for the nice Dresden armor book I finally found for a fairly reasonable price. (Hi, I'm Roland, and I'm a book-a-holic)

So today is fun downtown and then shop in the evening to work on the hilt that will be a prize for the rapier tournament at Coronation.


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