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2002-03-26 - 7:33 a.m.

Yesterday was the joy and excitement of reading and reviewing a huge document. SNOOORE! Got home from work and took a nap.

Then off to practice. My wrists and elbows were feeling much better and more capable after taking a week off. There are still a few maneuvers I'm wary to try, but for the most part it is back to business as usual.

Going to have to have a talk with someone. Almost killed someone at practice....literally. The newer fighters were doing some melee practice and drills while Tash and I were fighting 2-sword. I was about to throw a flat snap entry with my right sword and Tash was apparently about to charge when I see an unprotected head RIGHT NEXT TO ME in my peripheral vision. Good thing we checked ourselves, or that new guy would have gotten a sword to the back of his unprotected skull....Issues....

Back to document review....wee....


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