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2002-03-25 - 8:02 a.m.

Friday was fun. Helped Wen with some chores and then off to the shop while she and Kyna cooked. Some of the lames became learning experiences while I fixed some patterns.... Managed to complete the roll on the top, back neck lame. Now I just need to figure a way to brace the piece while holding the chisel and swing the hammer. If I only had minions.... Maybe I'll go buy the pitch bowl I've been pondering. Or maybe I'll just stick it in the vise and not worry about mangling all of the excess material I'm just going to cut off anyways....

Saturday was St. Paddies Day. Since the rattan at Gulf Wars was apparently bleak, I opted that fighting an endurance tourney with swords that hurt my wrists would be a bad plan and fenced. Odd feeling being the senior person in the list. The only other free scholar present was the marshal.... Sadly, it took me way too many fights to get my head on straight. And by then, I'm unclear if I actually did fix my issues or if my opponents just got tired.... Always surprises me how quickly folks tire at fencing.... After I fixed issues with my defense and tempo, I did MUCH better.... I've also come to the conclusion I'm a far better schlager fighter than epee. Managed to con some folks into some case of schlager fights....muwahaha. And a couple of folks wanted to play with the small sword against me. No problem, I can run backwards quickly... Also died a few times when I was being nice to folks....sigh....Silly me, not wanting to risk hurting them....Oh well, at least I had a good time....

Sunday was helping Miguel and Violante move. Let's just say I'm one tired pup this morning and I've got heavy practice this evening....


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