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2002-03-20 - 7:48 a.m.

It's another one of those weeks. I'm downtown in a meeting starting this afternoon for the rest of the week.... And my sleep is still scrambled from this weekend.

And I'm really beginning to hate the days, I kiss my sleeping wife goodbye as I go to work, smooch as I pass in the house to change before running out again, and then come home to my wife in bed....starting to get sick! This royally SUCKS! Need more wife time. Some activity is going to get punted this week unless she really gets sick....

And if you all thought Theo was amusing in general, try her on Nyquil....hehe

Practice last night was light. Kenny wasn't his usual monkey thumping self, so it was up to Bob to give me my ration of abuse. At least I stopped walking onto his point by the end of the night. And Kenny need to better annunciate the 't' in 'monkey thumping' before he REALLY scares the newer fighters... (GRIN)


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