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2002-03-18 - 10:07 a.m.

Spent the weekend being a slug. Kymber came over to visit with Chuck away and we just hung out the whole weekend. Got to check out some of her Paris pics and enjoy Wen's Angelina's hot chocolate. mmmmm....

The trip to the store for cream was slightly traumatic. People need to think of the signs they put near wine.... And then there was the Cosmo buy by Kyna.... twitch... Some of those quizzes and lists are truly frightening, or is that sad. I'm not sure which.

Also managed to get in a hour or so on the gorget. Got the neck lames cut out and rough shaped, although the middle lame is going to be more work than I originally anticipated to get the shape transition correct. Need to run the roll on the top lame, grind the point off of one of my cold chisels and play with roping.... woohoo! OK, so you probably need to be a metal geek to understand my excitement.

No rattan from Gulf Wars, and the lack of sleep last night since my body was all whacked out by the Kymbot keeping us up 'til 3:30am Sat night are making me reconsider practice tonight. The Ragnarr-effect must have rubbed off on her. That and my knight's back is on the fritz and he won't be there and folks will probably be slack with just getting back from Gulf Wars makes me think it will be as lame as last week.... My evening might be better spent on the gorget and sleep.... decisions, decisions....


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