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2002-03-15 - 7:40 p.m.

Ugh....Finally back from Jersey....Looooong days....Need to stop channeling Kyna. Found a whole new rash of problems I need to solve with the system I work on. And I have to have the input ready on Monday. Looks like I'll be working some this weekend. It is also a good thing I cancelled out on MTA. The meeting ran long and a bridge was closed on I95 South. Gee, what a fun drive.....NOT!

Also did some planning for some upcoming dry run flight testing. The folks up there were indicating they didn't have some equipment I know I left up there a while ago....Managed to dig most of it out of the various storage places. Still need to track down a mounting plate with shock mounts.....Also managed to dig up some spare custom filters we are going to need that have an obscene lead time to purchase....And I have another card cage that needs to get wired up, so I can hopefully not have to lug as much equipment up there in the future.

Time to go vegatate....


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