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2002-03-07 - 8:06 a.m.

Last night was one of those moments Rhiannon and Anne wish there were video surveillance in my family room.... As Theo is ranting about her new and exciting lunacy at work, she comments that she wants to dance in a bubble in a mouse suit.... BLINK....(Hey, the crack of Disney commercials. Don't ask me) BLINK.... So I had to respond, "Nice pants". The DVN fans will understand.... It appears my purpose in life is to be Theo's straightman and try to crack her up when she is about to go track down a rifle and find a tower....

This morning she was all bouncy about her field trip....

Had lunch with Kyna on Tuesday to loan her some of my memory cards for the digital camera as she is off in Paris with her mom. And she tries to tell me I'm responsible to keep Rags out of trouble while she's gone. As if....

Finished my weekly 3-day fighting fest. We had a Pontoon and Highland Foorde invasion of the Bright Hills practice, along with a visiting Aedan. We actually had enough folks for a 10-on-10 melee with folks still on the sidelines....I got stuck in command as seems to be developing of a habit, although Giacomo was limiting options to help instruct the newer fighters. Still got to get thumped by 4 provosts in singles. Woo hoo And I didn't thug anyone like I accidentally wound up doing to Kenny on Tuesday when my reflexes forgot I had a 40" epee in my hand....


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