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2002-02-27 - 8:10 a.m.

Spent the morning downtown in a meeting reviewing vendor feedback on a spec. Now this spec just outreferences parts of another spec that they were supposed to provide feedback on a month ago. Can you guess how most of the comments went? Made this meeting relatively easy. NONCONCUR, since we can't change the requirement in this group.... Then went to drop off the Tahoe for some servicing at my brother's dealership. Through great foo and wah, they don't have their loaner cars back, and they are going to have to get me a rental. I've had a rental before when I had some body work done. Major pain in the tuckus. I decide I'll just go for lunch and come back since the work should only take 45min. Go back to work and get frustrated trying to install software on some new machines I have in the lab. OK, so they aren't actually new machines, since they are recovered from the plant clear stock, but it is still over twice as fast as the old 233MHz pentiums I'm replacing.

Get home to a ranting wife, but that is her story. She decides to accompany me to practice to socialize. Unfortunately for her, AoD isn't there and we have moved to the gym, which is better for fighting, but no chairs, which is bad for the broken back.

On a positive note, I was ON last night. I even made Giacomo work to kill me. It was also a blast fighting Alan, Aedan and Bob...

And tonight is the theatre with the gang. Duchess of Malfi of which I know very little beyond the basic plot. Should be interesting....


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