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2002-02-25 - 7:57 a.m.

It was certainly wacky on Friday IMing my wife who is on the phone with Gen while I'm on the phone to Kyna's cell phone to talk with Rags about tourney fence. Ahhhh, at least it insures job security being a communications engineer. (GRIN)

I so need to get out of my tempo slump. Made Aedan work to beat me, then got stupid in my second fight and paid the price. sigh.... Poor Mark on the pickup fights. Trying to work through my issues and finally managed to kick in most of my speed, without having someone jump down my throat. He didn't seem to mind and is doing much better than a few months ago. He seems to have broken through his first major hurdle. Then I did a number of passes with a fighter who I've enjoyed fighting in the past, but had heard some bad reports of from a friend and decided to check it out first hand. Personally, while I find the person in question fairly agressive, I didn't find them out of control, so I'll have to go pass along my input. I suspect Ymir may have just been one of those instances where you really get into a fight and wierdness happens. Sort of like my marathon passes with Alan or Giacomo that make Bob roll his eyes....

And my wife continues to sell me down the river.... She points out to Bob, Laura, Kenny and MENG that I have a good tenor voice. I personally think she's overselling it, but whatever....All of those years singing along in church while growing up. My father is the real singer in the family. Still love the time he and 3 or 4 other guys had to tone down their volume as they were blasting out the 20 or so women in the choir. Their class on projection appeared to have paid off in spades.... hehe Singing is one of those things I'd always been interested in, but never had the time. Too many darn hobbies. Guess I better warn them I have no singing training whatsoever. My only musical experience is 6 years of clarinet when I was a kid....

Off to go get some new (well, newer than the old 233MHz) machines for the lab....


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