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2002-02-15 - 11:31 a.m.

It has been one of those weeks of running around like a chicken with its head cut off.... Between that and nothing particularly exciting to share with folks, I just haven't posted much....

The wireless network is working at home, much to Wendy's enjoyment. There are still some nuances I'm trying to determine with how to keep my DHCP server and the network's DHCP server both synched up and getting the necessary info back to my computers....wee....

Snapped another bar on the hilt of my 35" schlager. The fun and joy of learning experiences. I'm getting very tempted to just toss that hilt into the junk pile. I've had no end of problems with the welds and the 3/16" quillons are a little light for my fighting style... Yet another repair project for this weekend.

Spent a lovely quiet evening with my wife after going out for Japanese lobstery goodness. Wen had sashime, which is so not my speed....I have this thing with meat being cooked. Call me a heathen.... Fell asleep early due to shear exhaustion.... Still wiped out from last weekend and this was my first chance to start catching up on sleep....So looking forward to the weekend....


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