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2002-01-22 - 4:09 p.m.

See the Wendy Report for descriptions of this weekend's activities. She is far better at recapping than I. Managed to cast up a bunch of QoCs and buckles. Still need clean up. Managed to dig up my previously carved master for an Elizabethan squires belt. Tried to fix it and trashed it. Managed to carve up a better one.... Just need to see how well it will cast.....

While the concert was great, 4 hours of sitting not good for knee. Grapefruit-sized knees not fun. Torn between desire to heal and desire to improve conditioning by going to practice....sigh....

OH...MY....GOD....Can traffic be any more f*R$#*@'d up this afternoon? Construction had 4th St closed. Then I turn onto Independence. More construction shutting down lanes backing up horribly. Turn onto 14th St. Firetrucks have closed Constitution, which appears to have caused an accident closing 2 lanes in my way. Then there are 2 lanes closed further down so they can fix a curb. Who the heck needs 2 lanes to fix a bloody curb! Then later on they are making 14th St even worse than I thought possible by further digging.... H St is hosed, so I cut onto 15th St. K St moving slowly so I continue on Vermont back to 14th St. Cut onto P St. Guess what? You guessed it, more construction. By this point, I've so had it cut up 15th to a small side street and cut up to 16th St to get the heck out of there. That wasn't the end of it, but I think I've ranted enough.... sigh....


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