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2002-01-10 - 8:10 a.m.

Not a particularly exciting day. Reviewed documents. Heard a bunch of rumors, including possible RIFs at work. I'm so not worried as I've managed to wrangle myself being critical path to the program I work on. There has got to be SOME advantage to that....Sounds like I have a new lead downtown at the FAA. Not sure that is going to be a good thing in the long run....He made a lot of noise, but the job got done.

Finally made it to practice. Note to self: tripping backwards and bouncing head off wall not good way to get attention... I would catch my heel on a slick gym floor while trying to back pedal, then stay upright long enough to get close to the wall....Fortunately my mask has a reasonable amount of padding in the back, particularly with my suede hood. I just wish my elbow would stop hurting... Oh well, them's the breaks for a clutz like me. Bruises heal. Other than that one silly episode practice was good. Felt good to finally get some exercise.


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