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2002-01-09 - 7:53 a.m.

Congratulations to Nancy, Chris and little Marian!!!

And now back to our regularly scheduled ranting....

There are times I just wish certain days would disappear. Yesterday was such a day....Spent the day reviewing documents prepared by a team of folks over months of time. I spent the entire time trying to decide if my comment form would contain 'Replace entire document with...' This wouldn't bother me so much if the document didn't consist of taking an existing document, adding a few signals and deleting a whole bunch. I could probably create the entire document in under a day.... This sort of thing just gets under my skin.

Then I spend too long futzing with stuff for the soon-to-be resurrected Marshal page, so I wind up staying late to make up the time. Then I have a bunch of chores to run. My sister has an amazing ability to buy my loving wife some of the same things I do, so I was exchanging items. Then off to acquire hardware for a cable modem connection. Manage to grab all the various items for setting up the home network and check out. Theo calls in the middle of checking out. I'll call her back. Wait a minute....where is the paperwork for the BIG rebate?...wait 10 minutes for someone to straightenout that mess. Figure I have time to grab some fast food and stop off at the Shire meeting on the way home. Finally call my sweetie back and get reminded of the casting pot that someone loaned us eons ago needs to be returned. Drive all the way home. Drop off loot and realize I grabbed the wrong network card. Curse silently a whole lot. Realize I don't want to drag up into downtown Rockville tomorrow when I need to get to practice on-time.... Missed Monday due to work deadlines. Need to get some exercise this week, even if it is mostly anaerobic. Stop by the Shire meeting and have missed the business portion of the meeting. Just some socializing. Then it is back to BestBuy to stand in the return line that never ends.... Finally get home after 10pm... Been running since 6:30am.... Fix myself a stiff drink and start diving into manuals (Yes, I read manuals. Take away my Guy card. I also get directions too...)

What a squirrelly day. Gotta stop channeling Gen....


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