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2001-12-19 - 7:31 a.m.

Wahootie! They have FINALLY reopened an acceleration lane from US29S to the DC beltway! I finally have a full day at the office and it was a nice feeling not to have to deal with morons who don't know how to merge onto a major highway without an acceleration lane. It's not like they haven't had about a year to practice....

And now I get to wallow in my single officeness. Right before we left for the UK, I was informed that I had been promoted to Principal Engineer. (This is my diary. I can brag if I want to.) OK, actually, in reality, I had discovered what suggested it the Thursday before when I got an email to a manager group and went to see if someone had decided I had signature authority. Nope, but my classification level is now 5...what the f*ck?! Toddle down to my boss's office. Close the door and inquire. He himms and haws, but finally admits they'd put in for it but hadn't heard back, but that the phonebook folks are usually the first to know... There aren't a whole lot of Principal Engineers under 40 at my company, so, even now, I'm still a little dazed by it....

Well, back to the story.....My former officemate was moved out sometime from when I managed to crawl into work last (Don't want to think how long that has been) and Monday afternoon, when work finally let me see my office.... Don't they realize what crack more desk space is to a piler like me? hehe... And now I have the full bookcase. muwahaha Yeah, it is sad, but right now, I'll take what I can get for enjoyment.

And yesterday was the last System Requirements Document meeting. YES! We are finally done with the bloody thing. It is now off to configuration control land. No more multiple all-day meetings downtown....(At least until the next deadline, or source selection...) I can relax in my office and actually have some time to play in the lab. It has been too long since I've had time to pay proper attention to that task. I've had cable for over a month to connect to the GPS antenna, but haven't found time to open up the floor and drag it the 50' from the splitter to the 3 receivers. And I might even be able to....dare I say it....code. What a novelty of late. I actually have over half the week in my office this week. What will I do with myself....

Also looking through some of the books I picked up in the UK. Found more crack to feed Kyna....muwahaha mmmm....2 foot crossbows and mobile levers to crank it...Think of the amusement factor for combat archery/siege combat with a bow taller than her....


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