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2001-12-17 - 6:47 a.m.

Been a few days.... Whining about being sick was getting old. Still is....

We have achieved book case... Thursday night, we half filled the Tahoe full of IKEA bookcases. I'll give you a hint, a Tahoe can carry a lot of book case... We finally got fed up of the college-era Loews special bookcases and wanted to move up in world, so to speak. (OK, so in reality my book purchases on the UK had no home on the old shelves and we needed to clear the floor to clean. picky...picky....I embrace my addiction) After spending ALL of Saturday assembling bookcases, we began the agonizing chore of reshelving it all....This, of course, reminded us of Nia. Everytime she is over, she agonizes over our non-Duey-Decimal organization of our bookshelves. The trauma of being a librarian.... We even called to taunt her, although we had to make due with her voice mail. She'll probably be a little happier, although we had to occasionally violate alphabetization to accommodate matching book height to shelf height.

The Armour and History books were a far more agonizing affair, particularly with the fixed shelf in the middle of bookcases these days... The books are all just too tall.... After much stress and unattractive whining, the books are all snug in their cases with the nicer books behind glass doors now. We now get to enjoy significantly more book storage space. Muwahahaha...more room for acquisitions.....

These spousal organizational urges do seem to snowball. I guess since she can't get real snow, she's finding ways to make due. Now Theo is gungho for a visit to the container store. And she's talking about corrupting a friend. Sorry Rags....

I just can't seem to get in the holiday mood. Falling on my face for three weeks certainly hasn't helped, shifting the casual holiday prep into a chore...Haven't even put up a single holiday item in the house yet....Need to finish cleaning first. Ugh! Guess I'll find out this evening if I'm feeling up to practice or, oh joy....

Take care!


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