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2001-12-12 - 7:29 a.m.

Still a plague victim, but feeling a little

Yesterday was the fun and joy of an all-day long teleconference. I swear my ear was going to fall off by the end of it. Normally, this is my usual Tuesday fun of an all day meeting downtown, but I was sick so I figured I'd take advantage of the dial-in number we have for out-of-town folks. Now my usual job in these meetings is to try to draft acceptable text while folks argue endlessly about requirements. I don't know if it was just a special day or me not being physically present, but it seemed exceptionally special

Finally snapped last night and decided we'd managed to get enough of the house picked up over the past few days to start actually cleaning...It is rather pathetic how long this is taking us. Mind you I'm puzzled by Theo's need to clean out her drawers and closet to put away a few pieces of clothes. Yes, it eventually needs to be done, but while we're both in the 'do a little work and fall over for a while' mode, it doesn't seem the most timely solution. Of course it is annoying her now, so I know how that can be. Must finish....

Back to telecommuting land....


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