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2001-12-06 - 6:13 p.m.

Crackhead traffic foo of the day:

Turning onto a 4-lane one-way road to see the headlights of a large truck in the next block. Knowing the left lane is closed due to eternal construction, this did not please me.... I have this thing about being trapped in the sights of snipers...silly me.

It's amazing how many folks from Unevent seem to have the plague now. wierdness.... While I seem to have gotten a mild version, I just wish this cough would go away....

70 degrees in December is just wrong.... At least it makes the endless number of treks between the FAA and TRW during the day less onerous. I swear no one told me about the rule in one of my meetings today about he who talked loudest got the floor....wacky. It is frustrating seeing two folks arguing the same side of an argument and refusing to recognize this....

The thumping you hear is my head beating the table....


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